Workplace Partnering and Solutions

We Can Help You! 

LPD assists units in so many ways! In addition to our standard open enrollment programs, conferences and special events we love to help units plan staff and faculty career and professional development. We meet mission critical needs in the most practical, cost-efficient and innovative manner possible.

Here are some reasons why you should work with LPD:

  • Top talent—LPD finds, vets and secures top notch experts on the topics you need most
  • Options—You can choose to have LPD bring a regular catalog offering to your location or we can work with your unit to design a program or service to meet specific unit challenges, needs, organizational goals and priorities
  • Save Time and Money—On-site delivery saves travel time and money; we are happy to give you a complete price estimate before we start working with you so you will always know what it will cost
  • Relevant and Useful—Our customized learning focus is on issues specific to your unit, so employees can engage in relevant and important discussions about real issues and applicable solutions
  • Consistent Messaging for All—Bringing learning to the workplace creates and sends a strong message with shared understanding and language
  • Deep Expertise and Commitment—LPD learning specialists hold a deep expertise in learning, performance and University culture, along with a strong commitment to provide a high impact experience to its unit partners
  • Training History—Employee participation automatically goes into MyLINC, which means that employee history is recorded for employee access no matter where they work at the University in the future

Here is a sampling of the many examples of how units have worked with us.

Together we:

  • Created a semester curriculum of regular LPD catalog courses to be delivered on-site that met specific unit goals
  • Merged sections of several classes to create one unique session that exactly fit departmental needs
  • Partnered with senior leadership to create a unique mid-level leadership program that combined mentoring from senior leaders, classroom learning and group projects with recommendations to leadership
  • Developed a three-year professional development curriculum that allowed maximum employee choice while addressing departmental needs
  • Designed a process for gathering information used in developing a five year strategic plan
  • Created two customized leadership programs that combined scenarios, issues and concepts from the department’s mission and vision with LPD’s curriculum

Let us work with YOU! Call us at 734-764-7410 or e-mail today to discuss your department’s learning needs.