LPD Consulting Services

We offer professional consulting services designed to increase employee engagement and create a positive organizational culture at U-M. Our services can be tailored to departments, teams and individuals to identify talents and strengths and help align them with your goals. We can help refine department performance management practices and provide individual coaching for leaders, faculty and staff.

Our consultants are Gallup-Certified Strengths coaches in addition to certification in other tools. Together, we have more than 80 years of experience working with leaders and teams to maximize effectiveness. Contact us to discuss how we can best work with you.

Working with our team can help you:

  • Improve career focus and development
  • Build positive working relationships
  • Identify talents and strengths within your department and align them to your goals
  • Increase employee and team engagement
  • Improve customer service

Department Development

We can assist departments to better develop its talent, determine the level of employee engagement, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Working with your department’s leadership, we can:

  • Integrate strengths practices into department performance management practices,shifting from a performance management mindset to talent development one
  • Measure employee engagement levels using Gallup’s Q12 survey and recommend potential strategies
  • Use appreciative inquiry technique to enhance business process and outcomes
  • Develop a coaching culture
  • Provide one-to-one leadership coaching

Team Development

We can work with specific workgroups or teams to help identify  their values, talents and strengths and aim them at their project or departmental goals.

Working with your team, we can:

  • Identify and raise awareness to team values, talents and strengths
  • Use a variety of self assessments to develop team success profiles
  • Help team members apply their strengths toward team goals and priorities
  • Provide team-based coaching

Other Team-Based Services

LPD uses several different assessment tools that can help with team communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, productivity and more.

Individual Development

We can work on an individual level to raise employees’ self awareness and understanding of their core values, strengths and abilities.

Working with individuals we can:

  • Create an individual development plan for career planning and development
  • Use self-assessment tools to identify and develop individualized talent profiles
  • Provide one-to-one career or performance development coaching

Contact us for more information about any of these services.