A Letter from President Mark Schlissel and Associate Vice President for University Human Resources Laurita Thomas

Dear Colleague:

At the University of Michigan, professional development is a partnership between you and the university to support excellent performance and career growth in a dynamic, challenging and changing work environment. University Human Resources’ Learning & Professional Development is supporting this partnership by offering a wide spectrum of high-value, cost-effective training and consulting services focused on individual and organizational effectiveness.

The university provides ongoing opportunities for employees to improve their ability to succeed at their current job and to learn new skills that lead to career growth. Supervisors and managers can participate in this partnership as well with offerings like Foundations of Supervision and the U-M Management Conference that build core management skills in a collaborative learning environment. The best leaders understand the need for continuous learning to help staff keep pace with a rapidly changing work environment, and they support learning that improves performance in the current job and builds human potential for the next challenge.

Our commitment to learning is evidenced by management’s support of the professional development of our staff, which includes providing work release time for employees to participate in training programs. In high-performing units across campus, employee work plans include a percentage of time devoted to professional development. At the individual level, employees who seek opportunities to learn are employees who contribute to both individual success and organizational excellence. The university encourages all employees to take advantage of the broad range of professional development opportunities available and to take ownership of managing their own career success.

Your contributions and commitment to excellence and continuous learning are vital components of our University of Michigan community!

In the spirit of partnership, growth, and possibilities,

President Mark Schlissel and Associate Vice President Laurita Thomas