Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources for Individuals

Faculty and staff members have access to a variety of resources at U-M to help enhance their awareness and understanding of issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion. From general awareness to developing bystander intervention skills to connecting with others across our vibrant community, there are many opportunities available, including many at no cost.


A variety of courses are available to staff from all schools, colleges and units free of charge. Course topics include unconscious bias, intercultural awareness, bystander intervention and more. Courses available now at no cost to individuals or their departments include:

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Online Modules

The online module titled, "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI): The Basics - Part 1," provides an introductory look at our initiative and helps clearly define what we mean by “diversity, equity and inclusion.” For group conversations or meetings, discussion guides for facilitators and participants are available for use.

A new online module titled, "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI): The Basics - Part 2," examines how our social identities impact diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University of Michigan. For group conversations or meetings, discussion guides for facilitators and participants are available for use.

These courses are available as modules through MyLINC and each take less than 15 minutes to complete. They can be viewed individually or in small groups or huddles with time for discussion.

Events and Workshops

Connect with others from the U-M community by participating in a wide variety of events taking place across the university.

Student Life hosts a number of workshops and special events that are open to staff outside of the department.


New Inclusion Insights video series: This series of 25 short videos offers a unique, micro-learning approach to diversity, equity and inclusion education. The videos were created by and feature Dr. Steve Robbins, a nationally recognized trainer and consultant on diversity and inclusion. Dr. Robbins was a keynote speaker during the university’s DEI Summit in 2016.

Each video is less than three minutes long and the series includes titles such as, “Defining Diversity,” “Comfort Zones” and “Being Aware of Being Unfair.”

The videos have been organized to align with the new Lifelong Learning model to help address the specific goals of the university’s DEI initiative.

You can watch these videos on your own or with your team using the accompanying conversation cards.

You can also learn from faculty, staff and students from across U-M through a series of videos addressing topics ranging from faculty leadership, student recruitment, community health and campus culture. 

Programs at U-M

There are countless opportunities to learn from and about diversity, equity and inclusion, to connect with the communities beyond campus and to secure personal resources and assistance. View a comprehensive list of diversity, equity and inclusion programs.