Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Learning Framework and Competency Model

It is important for individuals and departments to understand how to navigate current training offerings around diversity, equity and inclusion. In order to accomplish that goal, we have created a learning framework and are developing an organizational competency to assist individuals and departments to select the training offerings that will best suit their needs.

Learning Framework

There are several core courses that are being offered to individuals and units to help fulfill their unit and individual diversity, equity and inclusion plans. View the list of courses.

Competency Model

Organizational Competencies are the skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviors that support effective stewardship of the University of Michigan’s mission, vision, values and resources. We are in the process of developing a competency around diversity, equity and inclusion. This competency will be leveled, describing behaviors that will enhance diversity, equity and inclusion in order to provide a university wide framework for training, performance management and training effectiveness. 

Once the competency is developed, we will be mapping the competency levels to training offerings and creating a way for individuals to determine where their current level is in relation to the map.