Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training and Education

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At the University of Michigan, our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is central to our mission as an educational institution. The department of Organizational Learning is coordinating with partners across the Ann Arbor campus and Michigan Medicine to provide training and skill development opportunities to help create a community where people’s differences contribute to further learning and advancements in all fields of study and patient care. U-M offers a growing curriculum of courses to assist schools, colleges and units create more inclusive and welcoming environments. 

Training and Educational Resources

The following resources are currently availble to faculty and staff, as well as entire departments to help enhance diversity, equity and inclusion:

  • Educational classes: A variety of courses on diversity, equity and inclusion are available to faculty and staff for all schools, colleges and units free of charge. Current topics include unconscious bias, intercultural awareness, business case for diversity and bystander intervention.
  • Unit requests: Departments and teams can request any of the core educational courses to be held at their location free of charge.
  • Facilitated discussions: Professional facilitators are available for a fee to help departments or teams hold conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Featured Courses

Business Case for Diversity

What is diversity? Why does it matter? And how can we increase it and keep it? This session will use examples from businesses, the military and other entities, while also highlighting cutting edge research that prove the value of diversity. 

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Unconscious Bias in Everyday Life

The unconscious mind is a powerful and intrinsic force in helping to shape our overall behavior in our everyday lives. This interactive workshop is designed to examine how unconscious bias can affect one's perceptions, decisions, and interactions.

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Change It Up!

Change it Up! brings bystander intervention skills to the University of Michigan community for the purpose of building inclusive, respectful, and safe communities. This program is based on a nationally recognized four-stage bystander intervention model that develops skills and con dence when intervening in situations that negatively impact individuals, organizations, and the campus community. 

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Intercultural Awareness

There are many hidden ways in which culture influences behavior. Starting with an understanding of American culture, this session focuses on cultural differences between countries and how “common sense” assumptions we make about others may be flawed.

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Disability Awareness and Etiquette

If you are providing a service, it is important to know the best ways to communicate with and about individuals who may have disabilities. This session will help you to understand how to best serve individuals with disabilities, and will also give you some etiquette pointers that you can use in your everyday life.

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Consultation Services

The department of Organizational Learing can provide consultation services for units, departments and teams to help you address specific needs or help implement the training and education needs in your diversity, equity and inclusion strategic plan. Use this form to contact us to disucuss available consultation services.