What Motivates Me?

Research shows that the key difference with employees who are most engaged and energized at work is whether or not their work aligns with what motivates them. This training helps identify a unique blend of motivators that help align work with productivity drivers. The session is designed to help individuals discover their motivators and better understand the blend of diverse identities within teams to enhance value, increase fulfillment and accomplish more.

You will learn to: 

  • Identify personal motivators that help drive productivity
  • Recognize biases that shape the way we may view teammates
  • Create a plan to shape your role to enhance productivity and fulfillment 

You will benefit by:

  • Learning how to strategize ways to create a work environment that provides greater engagement and enhanced productivity


Anyone interested in learning more about their personal motivators and how to utilize them to establish greater engagement at work

Topic Area

  • Leading People and Teams
  • Self Development

Domain and Expectation

  • People
    • Foster and promote diverse teams
  • Execution
    • Build positive culture


  • Member of a Team
  • Leading a Team


Code: MMHR_WMM15000-5

Presenter: Charmaine Ward, Tarnisha McLaughlin-Grayson

Cost: $135