Understanding Data

Getting data is hard. Getting good data is even harder. Preparing your data before you begin is essential to getting usable and reliable results. During this session, you will explore how to make sure your data is ready for analysis and visualization.

You will learn to:

  • Identify the different types of data and understand how they can be used
  • Apply techniques that make your data consistent
  • Use methods that will help reduce the possibility of errors in your data
  • Identify when you have “missing” data and how you manage it
  • Describe qualitative data and apply methods for handling it
  • Show how each type of data relates to options for analysis and visualization

You will benefit by:

  • Making your data easier to analyze and/or visualize
  • Knowing how to get your data ready for others to use


Anyone who works with data for analysis, visualization, or presentation

Curriculum Area

  • Process and Organizational Management


  • Advancing the Mission
    • Practiced
  • Creative Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking
    • Practiced
  • Development of Self and Others
    • Practiced
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Code: POM1805

Presenter: Tom Crawford

Cost: $169

Offered by Learning & Professional Development