U-M Management Conference 2018: Developing the Leaders and the Best

The U-M Management Conference provides a forum for the university’s managers, at all levels, to learn best practices, hone managerial skills and increase self-knowledge. It includes a keynote, breakouts and a closing session.

Keynote Speaker:

Jacob Morgan

The Future of Work is all About Employee Experience

We invest a great deal of time and money to improve employee engagement, yet our efforts often seem to miss the mark. How can that be? Jacob Morgan, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the future of work and employee engagement, uses his ongoing research of 252 organizations to show how short term “adrenaline shot” programs such as job sharing or working from home, aren’t necessarily the answer. He will demonstrate how the world’s top organizations are redesigning work around their people by focusing on three environments: culture, technology, and the physical workspace. He will share why employee experience is the next big area of investment, what the top organizations are doing, and how you can go about creating an Experiential Organization.

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Learning, Leadership, Mentorship and Life with Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, M.D.

Afternoon General Session:

Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, M.D.

Learning, Leadership, Mentorship and Life

Dr. Ora Hirsch Pescovitz will engage you through a high-energy presentation using the lessons she's learned as an individual and leader. She will discuss life events that change a leader's perspective; and describe a mentor quilt, TALAFF, “balance” and the 8Cs. You will truly be motivated by her candor, energy and enthusiasm.

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Leadership: Funnier now Than it was 2 Days Ago! with Lee Meadows, Ph.D.

Closing Session:

Lee Meadows, Ph.D.

Leadership: Funnier now Than it was 2 Days ago!

Gone are the days when some of the predictably funny behavior that employees brought to the workplace was indicative of a linear, sequential approach to getting work done. Leadership was by the book and employees behaved according to the numbers. While things did occur, the leader could always fall back on the Employee Handbook for guidance and decision making. Hard to believe that 18 years ago, we called that ‘work’ in the 20th century! The 21st century has provided the greatest jolt to linear guidance and the specter of employees represents a range of mindset and behavior that is, essentially, setting the tone for the next 30 years. As Leaders, what are you going to do about it? Come and find out how this wide spectrum of employees will provide leaders with some of their best challenges and some of the funnier moments in the work world of the future.

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Breakout Speakers for U-M Management Conference 2018

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Program Note:

Food items will be provided during this event. If you have a dietary restriction or food allergy and would like to request an accommodation, please contact Learning & Professional Development Project Coordinator LisaAnn Throne at lthrone@umich.edu or 734-647-9425 at least 10 days prior to this event. Please be aware that advance notice is necessary as some accommodations may require more time to arrange and that all requests may not be fulfilled.

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