Tell it Like it Is: Feedback That Works! (Custom Only)

Too often our work productivity suffers because we cannot communicate effectively. However, there are methods for giving feedback to your colleagues that allow you to be authentic without damaging the relationship.

You will learn to:

  • Determine how to use your emotions effectively
  • Use a process for giving effective feedback
  • Consider the essential factors before responding
  • Structure your feedback for best results
  • Express your opinion while acknowledging others’ opinions
  • Find ways to disagree with others without destroying the relationship
  • Provide feedback based on a real understanding of the other person’s ideas, views and needs

You will benefit by:

  • Preserving your integrity through honest feedback
  • Becoming more authentic in your communication
  • Developing comfort with giving feedback
  • Improving your relationships at home and work


Anyone seeking tools and greater comfort in providing feedback to their colleagues

Curriculum Area

  • Communication and Listening


Code: CLCTL1

Presenter: Varied

This course is available as a custom training event for your department. Contact LPD for more details.