Straight Talk®: Using Strategic Communication for High Impact Results

The key to workplace success is being a strong communicator. Being a strong communicator means knowing yourself and how to expertly navigate conversations that cut through assumptions, clarify needs and expectations, and maximize group productivity. Using the Straight Talk® communication style inventory, this session will explore good communication concepts and practices based on the work by communications expert and organizational leadership consultant Eric Douglas.

You will learn to:

  • Recognize the four Straight Talk® styles and the strengths, weaknesses, similarities and differences among them
  • Identify your unique Straight Talk® profile and determine how it contributes to your success
  • Determine practical ways to effectively adapt your style to improve your communication with others
  • Discuss a range of strategies to proactively apply the strengths of your style and others back to your work

You will benefit by:

  • Developing positive working relationships and higher levels of trust with your work colleagues
  • Increasing your self awareness, personal productivity and efficiency by using more effective communication with others
  • Decreasing or even eliminating conflicts that naturally occur from individual differences in style
  • Increasing your ability to work in groups to solve problems and find successful solutions


Anyone who would like to increase their communication effectiveness

Program Recommendation:

This is an excellent class for supervisors and managers who have completed Foundations of Supervision I: Maximizing Performance and would like their staff to experience a full debrief of the Straight Talk® results and gain strategies.

Program Note:

Participants will receive a copy of the book: Straight Talk®: Turning Communication Upside Down for Strategic Results at Work by Eric Douglas.

Pre-Class Recommendation with

Align Intent and ImpactHow to Empathize and Using 5 Questions to Increase Understanding

Curriculum Area

  • Communication and Listening
  • Leadership Development
  • Self-Development


Code: SFD1901

Presenter: Ron Sober

Cost: $169

Code: SFD1905

Presenter: Ron Sober

Cost: $169