Spark the Leader Within: How to be Better than Average

There is no such thing as a natural-born leader. We all have the potential to be a leader. Leadership is about taking responsibility for your actions, your inactions and most importantly, your faults.

You will learn to:

  • Identify opportunities for leadership inside and outside of your profession
  • Discover your inner leadership strengths
  • Embrace the gift of a leadership experience to further stretch your abilities
  • Recognize new leadership challenges and determine the best ways to exceed at meeting them
  • Apply the “lessons of leadership” to your work and personal life

You will benefit by:

  • Discovering opportunities for leadership that transcend your current position
  • Developing the confidence to accept new leadership challenges
  • Understanding how you can take your actions and turn them into leadership opportunities
  • Using the “lessons of leadership” to realize the power of the leader within you


Anyone who does not currently hold a formal leadership role, but desires to move into one

Program Note:

Participants will receive a copy of Todd’s book: Better than Average: Excelling in a Mediocre World.

Curriculum Area

  • Leadership Development


Code: LDC1909

Presenter: Todd Brockdorf

Cost: $169