So, You're Ready to be a Supervisor? How to Make a Smooth Transition

Making the move from peer to supervisor can be complicated if some things are not considered. If you are not yet a supervisor but feel you are ready to make the transition to a supervisory role, or if you are a new supervisor, this course will walk you through the process.

You will learn to:

  • Describe changes that inhibit or adversely impact working relationships when promoted from colleague to supervisor
  • Practice techniques for using your particular supervision style to build effective and motivating relationships with your employees, peers, and managers
  • Recognize how personalities and basic communication styles will affect your supervision style
  • Examine various ways to approach inherent or inherited issues in your department related to: resources, employee satisfaction and motivation, skills, performance issues, etc.
  • Recognize typical new supervisor mistakes and ways to avoid common management pitfalls

You will benefit by:

  • Identifying successful professional practices to begin building a great management reputation
  • Raising your awareness to making the transition smoothly from colleague or co-worker to supervisor
  • Avoiding common pitfalls often made by new supervisors
  • Learning how to build effective management-employee relations early in your supervision career
  • Learning how best to communicate with others in your new role as a supervisor


Individuals wishing to consider a career in supervision or those very new to the role

Program Note:

Attend the Peer Leadership: Getting Results Without Authority or Supervisory Essentials: U-M Policy and Compliance courses prior to or following this presentation to continue developing your supervision skills.

Curriculum Area

  • Supervision


Code: SUP1902

Presenter: Beyond Interactive Training

Cost: $179

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Presenter: Beyond Interactive Training

Cost: $179