Sheltering in Love: Re-Entry: Setting Your Personal Path to Meaning, Focus and Inspiration

The Sheltering in Love Series is a webinar series focused on several self-care and change management topics relevant to what is going on right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. Each session covers a different topic. You can also view more information about the complete series or view a recording of past sessions.

Re-Entry: Setting Your Personal Path to Meaning, Focus and Inspiration

As the current world situation unfolds, many of us are anticipating what re-entering our workplace might look like and how we will acclimate to a “new normal.” This session will explore how we can shape decisions, live from purpose and build our personalized path to a fulfilling work life in our new world. 

About Denise Williams

Denise Williams, Ph.D., M.S. SPHR, SHRM-CP, is an organizational effectiveness consultant in the Michigan Medicine Human Resources Department. In this role, Denise collaborates with leadership, employees, faculty, learners and patients/families to create, support, promote and optimize a culture of inclusion, equity and diversity that lessens suffering and welcomes and supports the health of our workforce and those we serve. Denise has also served pivotal leadership roles in the development and implementation of the University of Michigan-wide diversity, equity and inclusion strategic plan and its accompanying learning and professional development mission.
Denise earned a Ph.D. in health behavior and health education from the University of Michigan School of Public Health and an M.S. in behavioral psychology from Eastern Michigan University. She also holds two senior-level certifications in human resources.


Anyone who would like to be more prepared to re-enter the workplace with purpose

Program Note

This workshop is being offered in an online webinar format. Online session login information will be delivered in the registration confirmation email. 

Topic Area

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Self Development

Domain and Expectation

  • Self
    • Adapt


  • Member of a Team
  • Leading a Team
  • Leading Multiple Teams
  • Leading the Organization


Code: DEI2061

Presenter: Angie Stewart, Denise Williams

Cost: $0

  • Wed 5/6/20 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
    Location: Online Webinar