Self-Defeating Habits of Otherwise Brilliant People®

Through thousands of seemingly insignificant interactions, teams unknowingly create environments that are either cohesive or adversarial. People make negative assumptions that pick up momentum and spread negativity and mistrust. People start talking about others instead of talking to them. But there IS a way to combat this.

You will learn to:

  • Apply ways to ground your workplace in positive energy so that denigrating a coworker, leader, or patient becomes totally outside the norm
  • Discuss ways to build teams that endure, even during rapid change
  • Apply strategies to end destructive disagreement and lingering resentment
  • Adopt a mindset that is hard on the problems and soft on the people
  • Determine the best ways to open the dialogue in a way that increases the likelihood of a positive outcome
  • Identify and eliminate those conditions which lead individuals to gossip and undermine others
  • Apply strategies that turn blame into shared responsibility and short-circuit the self-defeating costs of contempt
  • Identify effective ways to reverse power struggles
  • Examine the 5 root causes that create workplace tensions to shift focus off of people and personalities
  • Find ways to turn self-righteous indignation into a search for solutions
  • Apply strategies that contribute to a work culture of respect and resiliency

You will benefit by:

  • Reducing anger and depression because of work-related conflict
  • Realizing better workplace health and resiliency
  • Increasing ability to easily move toward resolution of tough issues
  • Enhancing relationships by building loyalty and trust
  • Building your reputation for fairness, integrity, and respect for others


Anyone who would like to improve positive interactions in their workplace

Curriculum Area

  • Conflict Management and Negotiation
  • Team Development and Dynamics


Code: CMN1906

Presenter: Pam Wyess

Cost: $399