Review! Renew! Recommit! Strategies for Enjoying and Enhancing Your Work

This energizing and engaging course will help participants in any field examine how they currently approach their careers, determine how to enhance their jobs, and decide what to do if and when a job becomes less rewarding.

You will learn to:

  • Recognize when to expect “forks in the road” that naturally occur in an individual’s career
  • Raise your self-awareness of what you like about your current job
  • Explore strategies for expanding preferred aspects of your work
  • Determine if you are experiencing either the “autopilot” or “rebel in a rut” syndromes and use the best solutions to address each
  • Find solutions to address specific job syndromes
  • Determine which of the “3 R’s” (recommit, reassign or resign) to use in addressing any job dissatisfaction
  • Create a plan of action to move yourself to create job improvement or address job dissatisfaction if it exists

You will benefit by:

  • Becoming happier and more productive at work
  • Discovering what you really like to do
  • Identifying the source of any potential job dissatisfaction what to do about it
  • Exploring new ways to expand opportunities or seek new paths
  • Finding ways to celebrate if or when you actually like your job


Anyone who would like to enhance their work day, become more productive, or who are experiencing job dissatisfaction on any level

Curriculum Area

  • Career Development
  • Self-Development


Code: CAC1909

Presenter: Beyond Interactive Training

Cost: $169