Raising Your Emotional Intelligence: The Workplace Success Advantage

Research has shown that high levels of emotional and social intelligence (ESI) are twice as important as technical skills in the job performance of individuals and teams. While it may sound soft and fuzzy, emotional and social intelligence is critical in managing and collaborating to drive results.

You will learn to:

  • Evaluate your current personal level of emotional and social intelligence
  • Identify various emotional signals that can affect your interactions with others and how their behaviors or emotions may impact you
  • Recognize how competencies like resilience and adaptability drive performance
  • Find effective ways to channel emotions constructively during conflict to achieve collaborative outcomes
  • Apply the 18 ESI competencies to successfully build on your strengths
  • Recognize the importance of empathy to better understand and motivate others

You will benefit by:

  • Understanding how effective managers apply ESI and how you can use it to become star performer
  • Enhancing your awareness of your strengths and weaknesses through emotional intelligence training
  • Increasing your ability to influence by leveraging your understanding of others and your knowledge of the organization to build strong collaborative relationships

Course Recommendation

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Leaders and professionals who want to increase their business and personal effectiveness by understanding and building their emotional intelligence

Topic Area

  • Self Development

Domain and Expectation

  • People
    • Collaborate and build inclusive relationships
  • Self
    • Communicate


  • Member of a Team


  • Level 2: Skill building