Project Management Fundamentals: Creating Your Roadmap for Success!

You already manage projects in your personal and professional life. Go beyond just getting it done, to getting it done well by producing high quality outcomes that exceed customer expectations with less stress.

You will learn to:

  • Define a project and its life cycle
  • Recognize the various roles needed to successfully carry out a project plan
  • Write a project plan that includes action steps and a work breakdown structure
  • Construct a network diagram and its sequence to schedule and finalize a project plan
  • Troubleshoot a project plan for potential contingencies
  • Develop tangible metrics to assess and evaluate a project’s success
  • Identify techniques to successfully communicate project needs to stakeholders
  • Determine how to appropriately respond to project challenges that address time, quality, and cost
  • Use various tools and templates for successfully managing a project

You will benefit by:

  • Developing a more comprehensive project plan that includes the input of all stakeholders.
  • Implementing the project with less stress and angst
  • Completing projects on time and within budget
  • Learning some of the technical terminology and most commonly used tools
  • Applying time-honored techniques used by professional project managers.


Anyone with project management responsibilities who wants to be more proactive in their project planning

Program Note:

This program is not intended for those who specialize in or have received training in project management. This course uses a hands-on approach to delivering the material. In between the class sessions, participants will draft a project plan of their own design.

Curriculum Area

  • Project and Task Management


  • Adapting to Change
    • Practiced
  • Advancing the Mission
    • Progressing
  • Building Relationships and Interpersonal Skills
    • Progressing
  • Communication
    • Practiced
  • Creative Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking
    • Progressing
  • Leadership and Achievement Orientation
    • Practiced
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