Prepare, Practice and Present

This course provides interactive activities to help you prepare and deliver professional presentations. You will receive individualized feedback and reviews of in-class presentations.

You will learn to:

  • Identify ways to establish credibility with your audience
  • Structure your presentation to maximize audience attention and retention
  • Find ways to increase your audience’s receptivity and encourage their participation
  • Determine when to use humor, examples, and illustrations in your presentation that create impact
  • Develop an ending to your presentation that creates a controlled ending

You will benefit by:

  • Gaining confidence and conquering “stage fright” or anxiety
  • Improving your overall speaking style
  • Increasing your confidence, comfort, and control when presenting to any audience


Anyone who would like to speak more effectively in front of a group, make a presentation, or sell ideas to others

Curriculum Area

  • Presentation Skills


Code: PSC1902

Presenter: April Callis Birchmeier

Cost: $249