Peer Leadership: Getting Results Without Authority

No matter what your organizational level, everyone is a leader. This class will help you identify your innate leadership skills and show you how you can use them to be more successful and effective in your daily work life.

You will learn to:

  • Build confidence in your leadership competencies
  • Recognize how your personality and leadership styles are similar to or different from styles used by others
  • Influence decisions made by others when you are not “officially” in charge
  • Use these improved leadership strategies and techniques in your various roles
  • Build upon skills and knowledge needed to be an effective leader

You will benefit by:

  • Developing core leadership skills that transcend your job position or role
  • Creating a comprehensive plan of action for furthering your development as a leader

Course Recommendation

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Anyone interested in developing their leadership abilities

Course Note:

Pre-registration with a shortcode is required as there is a $50 cancellation fee that takes effect two weeks prior to the course. If you attend the course, your department will not be charged.

Topic Area

  • Leadership and Management

Domain and Expectation

  • Self
    • Act with courage and confidence
  • Execution
    • Build positive culture


  • Member of a Team


  • Level 2: Skill building


Code: CAM20PL04

Presenter: Amy Peters

Cost: $0

Cancelled, Course Interest List Available