No-Fail Email

Email has become the most commonly used form of communication in the workplace; it is also the most frequently misunderstood. Learn how to use email to enhance, not sabotage, your communication.

You will learn to:

  • Compose clear and concise messages to enhance your readers’ comprehension
  • Identify “hot buttons” and avoid using them when sending email
  • Recognize and use proper email “etiquette” in your daily communication
  • Determine when to use and NOT to use email to communicate

You will benefit by:

  • Improving your overall productivity
  • Gaining control over your email inbox and limiting interruptions
  • Upgrading your communication and professional image


Anyone interested in using email to communicate more effectively

Program Note:

Participants will receive a copy of April's book, No Fail E-Mail: Creating the Message you Intent, Before you hit Send.

Curriculum Area

  • Communication and Listening
  • Reading and Written Communication


Code: CLC1904

Presenter: April Callis Birchmeier

Cost: $179