Mastering Your Life: Growing Outside Your Comfort Zone New!

What’s the overwhelming signal you broadcast whether you’re working with a colleague, leading a project, networking at an event, posting on Facebook or even going to the beach with your family? Do they see you as a someone they can trust, someone who is inclusive or even as a strong resource if the going gets tough?

This workshop—led by 6-Time EMMY® winner, and 2016 Nobel Peace Prize nominee,  Dr. Shawne Duperon—shifts your thought process and perceptions, producing insights and new access to problem solving. Through fun, interactive activities you'll transform how you “should” be communicating into how to effectively communicate. You'll gain another level of personal power while making appropriate decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

Using her case study, Dr. Duperon will help you discover some of your blind spots, increase your ability to effectively communicate, accept criticism without taking it as a personal attack, and authentically forgive difficult situations. You don't want to miss this incredible opportunity for personal and professional growth. Please join us.


Anyone who would like to increase their confidence and communication skills

Presenter Bio:

With her numerous EMMY® awards and social media reach topping 120 million per month, Dr. Shawne Duperon is considered by many to be one of the most innovative consultants and speakers on communication today.

Dr. Shawne graduated from Wayne State University with a Ph.D. in communications and an emphasis in gossip research.

Her case study is Project Forgive, a non-profit and non-religious educational foundation that reaches millions in social media and tens of thousands in her Facebook Live broadcasts.

As a scholar, Dr. Shawne's expertise is leading-edge. Applying gossip theory, she implemented strategies that caused Project Forgive to go viral, garnering an endorsement from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the honor of a 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for her work on global forgiveness.

You've seen this Six-Time EMMY® winner featured in major media including: CNN, ABC, Inc. Magazine, and USA Today. Her popular and progressive conversations on forgiveness as a leadership tool, amplify inclusion and respect in the workplace.

Curriculum Area

  • Conferences and Special Events
  • Self-Development


Code: SFD1723

Presenter: Shawne Duperon

Cost: $189

Offered by Learning & Professional Development