Managing the Generational Shift

(formerly: Millennials: Managing the Generational Shift)

Baby Boomers are retiring from the workforce at a rate of 10,000 per day. With these retirements, we are seeing a wave of Millennials entering the workforce. This new generation comes with a new set of expectations and behaviors. By learning the motivations of Millennials, you will be able to understand how to manage retention, training, accountability, rewards and performance management.

You will learn to:

  • Recognize the specific events and traits that shape the Millennial generation’s perceptions and work habits
  • Identify effective methods that can allow you to bring out the best in the Millennial generation
  • Examine ways to maintain or increase Millennial retention in your unit
  • Apply techniques that will increase your ability to manage in the post-Boomer workforce

You will benefit by:

  • Understanding what motivates Millennials in the workplace
  • Knowing the impact that Millennials have on your business culture
  • Dispel the myths surrounding Millennial attitudes around work and career


Any manager, supervisor, or team leader that would like to apply better techniques to manage the youngest generation in the workforce

Curriculum Area

  • Performance Management
  • Team Development and Dynamics


Code: PMC1902

Presenter: Mark Brown

Cost: $179

Offered by Learning & Professional Development