Managing for Employee Engagement

(formerly Employee Engagement: Who Before What)

We attend conferences, watch webinars, read literature, discuss strategies and seek information on what to do about low morale and employee engagement. We hear a great deal about why this is happening and different strategies for “fixing” the problem and yet the situation doesn't seem to change. This session explores a framework for organizational health that leads to improved employee engagement.

You will learn to:

  • Build an organizational framework that leads to more cohesive teams
  • Identify and ask the critical questions managers need to answer to improve employee engagement
  • Develop a plan, consisting of at least three strategies to improve employee engagement
  • Deploy techniques for measuring the results of your team, department or division

You will benefit by:

  • Having engaged staff members who are aware of team goals
  • Experiencing better organizational health
  • Realizing an increased clarity of purpose among your team


Any manager, supervisor or team leader who would like to increase employee engagement and morale on their team

Curriculum Area

  • Performance Management


  • Building Relationships and Interpersonal Skills
    • Progressing
  • Development of Self and Others
    • Progressing
  • Leadership and Achievement Orientation
    • Progressing
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Presenter: Mary Barry-Cybulski

Cost: $179

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Registration Deadline: Wed 3/14/18

Offered by Learning & Professional Development