Managing Up: the Do's and Don'ts of Working Well FOR Others

Effectively working with your manager to achieve mutual success can benefit your own job satisfaction, your career and your value-add contributions to your team. Managing Up looks at ways to better understand your manager’s style and needs, so that you can flex to better anticipate and take action, while ensuring you have tools to better communicate your own accomplishments and needs.

You will learn to:

  • Assess your manager’s work and communication style, and identify what is important to your manager
  • Determine how to flex your focus and communication to better relate to your manager
  • Utilize approaches to communicate your own accomplishments, career aspirations and needs

You will benefit by:

  • Understanding the impact of managing up
  • Determining what role you take in enhancing a positive working relationship
  • Seeing how helping your manager succeed will help you succeed
  • Better anticipating your manager’s needs and taking action so that your manager sees you as their advocate
  • Having tools to communicate your own work challenges and needs


Anyone who wants to learn effective techniques to work better with and for their manager

Curriculum Area

  • Leadership Development


Code: LDC1906

Presenter: Robin Sober

Cost: $179

Code: LDC1913

Presenter: Robin Sober

Cost: $179