Leading Change Practicum (LCP)

The Leading Change Practicum (LCP) is an action learning-based program intended for U-M staff or faculty who are mid-level managers, project managers or team leads and who have oversight for a departmental or cross-departmental change initiative. As part of a cohort, participants will have an opportunity to develop their change leadership skills through a combination of presentations by subject matter experts, self-assessments, focused group discussions, assigned readings and case studies. Using the practical 7-step model for leading change and transition, cohort members will apply their learning to their own change project throughout the length of the program, as well as with a final presentation. Interactions with executive and senior-level university administrators, peer advisors, a personal coach, and group consultations and support are also part of the experience. Participation in this program will enhance the participant’s competency in advancing the mission of the university—creating a shared vision, engaging stakeholders and effectively leading innovation and change.

Skills and Abilities to be Addressed:

  • Increasing Self Awareness of Values, Strengths, Influencing Style, and Readiness to Lead Change
  • Creating a Case for Change
  • Engaging Stakeholders and Others During the Change Process
  • Constructing Effective Networks
  • Influencing Others
  • Communicating Successfully with Others
  • Removing Barriers and Planning for Sustained Change

Program Expectation:

Selected participants will be required to attend the scheduled program sessions/activities and complete and present their change project. It is also expected that participants will continue their participation two years post-program by participating in occasional activities such as advising or mentoring new cohort members, attending events, or serving on program selection or other advisory teams.

Application and Selection Process:

Individuals interested in participating in the LCP must formally apply. The ideal candidate is a mid-level manager, project manager or team lead who has oversight for a departmental or cross-departmental change initiative. Candidates must come with a well-defined change project that they are either currently leading or anticipate leading in the near future. The project will act as the vehicle for applying what is learned in the program to a concrete problem that is or will be addressed through a change initiative.

Candidates will be asked to provide contact information so that a nomination from their direct supervisor and an additional endorsement from a department dean, director, chair or another leader familiar with the candidate's work can be secured. One of these individuals should be the sponsor of the candidate’s change project. When assembling the cohort, the selection team considers diversity of experience, representation across university units, potential unique contribution to the cohort, and the candidate’s individual goals.

Before applying for the program, please be sure you have the following items ready:

  • Resume or CV (no more than 3 pages) to be uploaded into the application form
  • Contact information for a nomination and endorsement. If your direct supervisor, providing the nomination is not a sponsor of your change project, the individual providing the endorsement must be a sponsor of your change project.
    • Supervisor information to be submitted for the statement of department support and nomination
    • One additional person to write an endorsement for your participation (department dean, director or chair; if your supervisor is also the department head, please select another high-level leader familiar with your work for the endorsement)
  • Responses to the following questions (3-5 sentences per question), to be typed into the application:
    • Upon reading the description of the LCP, what motivated you to apply to the program?
    • How will your participation in this program increase your ability to successfully lead a change project or initiative?
    • How do you see the skills you learn in this program contributing to advancing the mission of your unit or the university as a whole?
    • What do you bring that would make you a unique contributor to the cohort?
    • What experience do you have leading—or playing a large role in—a change project or initiative? What specifically did you learn from that experience and how do you hope participation in this program would expand that learning?

Topic Area

  • Leadership and Management

Domain and Expectation

  • Mission
    • Lead innovation and change


  • Leading a Team
  • Leading Multiple Teams