Introduction to Data Analytics

How can you use your data to tell its story? How do you help your audience to “get it”? We see graphs every day that are ineffective, misleading or even downright wrong. Preparing your data before you begin is essential to getting usable and reliable results. During this session, you will explore how to make sure your data is ready for analysis and work through the process of creating effective data visualizations for your reports and presentations.

You will learn to:

  • Identify the different types of data and determine how they can be used
  • Use methods that will help reduce the possibility of errors in your data
  • Identify when you have “missing” data and how you manage it
  • Show how each type of data relates to options for analysis and visualization
  • Design charts and graphs that effectively represent the data you are using
  • Apply techniques that allow you to visualize large data sets for greater comprehension and to create data consistency
  • Represent data in a way that avoids misleading your audience
  • Identify chart noise and apply techniques to reduce it when presenting data
  • Use the appropriate methods that allow you to tell your story with charts and graphs

You will benefit by:

  • Designing more effective charts and graphs
  • Knowing how to get your data ready for others to use
  • Making your data easier to analyze and/or visualize
  • Avoiding common pitfalls in data visualization
  • Focusing your audience on your message in the data you are presenting

Course Recommendation

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Anyone who works with data for analysis, visualization, or presentation

Topic Area

  • Professional Skills

Domain and Expectation

  • Execution
    • Solve problems


  • Member of a Team


  • Level 2: Skill building


Code: CAM20IDA02

Presenter: Tom Crawford

Cost: $229

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