Growing Your Cultural Intelligence

For the first time in history, we find ourselves in a workforce that not only spans five generations, but also includes many different cultures. This workshop will help you to understand social and cultural identities at a deeper level. You will also learn ways that you can help to foster inclusion in the workplace.  

You will learn to:

  • Explore the impact of living and working in a world with folks that come from different cultural backgrounds
  • Determine the difference between cultural stereotypes and cultural generalizations
  • Identify aspects of cultural intelligence, cultural contexts and identity

You will benefit by:

  • Learning a shared language around culture and cultural intelligence
  • Reflecting and engaging with others around aspects of deep culture using the cultural iceberg


Anyone who would like to learn more about working successfully in a workplace comprised of many different cultures

Program Notes:

This workshop is being offered in two different formats: online webinar or in-person class. Online session login information will be delivered in the registration confirmation email.

Topic Area

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Domain and Expectation

  • Mission
    • Create value for the diverse communities we serve
  • People
    • Foster and promote diverse teams
    • Collaborate and build inclusive relationships
  • Self
    • Adapt
    • Communicate


  • Member of a Team
  • Leading a Team
  • Leading Multiple Teams
  • Leading the Organization


  • Level 1: Awareness