Foundations of Supervision I: Maximizing Performance

Foundations of Supervision I: Maximizing Performance

Foundations of Supervision (FOS) is a comprehensive two-part program designed to provide new U-M supervisors with critical and technical supervisory information and best practices in leadership development. FOS content is contextualized to address contemporary workplace issues related to being an effective supervisor in the University of Michigan’s decentralized, higher education environment.

Both parts of the program are a combination of formal and informal learning activities aimed at providing participants with a well-rounded, personal learning experience. Classroom activities include a mixture of discussions, case-studies, lectures, guest speakers, and other experiential activities. Informal learning activities are intended to enhance the classroom experience and include brief class readings, selection of and meeting with personal advisors, a brief research or workplace application project for class presentation, check-in meetings with supervisors, and networking opportunities.

Foundations of Supervision I: Maximizing Performance

This program provides the essential information to develop and manage successful employee performance and effective fiscal and resource management.

Modules include:

  • The Role of U-M Supervisors
  • Developing Employee Performance
  • Employee Selection Process
  • Workload and Resource Management
  • Performance Coaching
  • Managing Difficult Performance Issues
  • Working in a Higher Education Environment
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Concluding Day Presentations

Program Note:

Michigan Medicine employees should visit MyLINC for information on the Leading Successfully at UMHS and Managing Successfully at UMHS programs, which are offered at no charge to Michigan Medicine employees and are customized for that audience. Medical School faculty are encouraged to attend Essential Skills for Successful Leadership, which is offered by the Michigan Medicine Office of Faculty Development.

Program Prerequisite:

Supervisory Essentials: U-M Policy and Compliance


Supervisors with less than 5 years of supervisory experience or those who are new to supervision at U-M

Curriculum Area

  • Supervision
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