Focusing Your Team on the Right Things (Custom Only)

Let’s face reality—you and your team have FAR more work than you can possibly handle, right? So, how do you determine which activities you and your team should focus on? And how do you find ways to ensure that you have the time to invest in the activities that add the most value? Come and gain new ways of thinking strategically about your team’s work.

You will learn to:

  • Identify a line of sight between your team’s work efforts, unique expertise, and the strategy and direction of your unit
  • Use a set of questions to think through when determining the best way to resource team work outcomes and projects and decide how much time to realistically invest into something new or time consuming
  • Facilitate a team discussion utilizing the set of questions to engage your team in the process

You will benefit by:

  • Applying a strategic approach to align your team’s work to an overall strategy, based on team expertise and value to the organization
  • Thinking very differently and more strategically about how you resource team activities that are not core to your value—yet add more work—and how to invest in activities that do add value


Supervisors or team leaders looking for ways to assess and maximize their team’s overall work effort and resources

Program Note:

In order to be best prepared for the class, please consider bringing any mission statements and/or goals for your school, college, unit, department, or team.

Curriculum Area

  • Process and Organizational Management
  • Team Development and Dynamics


Code: POMSR18

Presenter: Varied

This course is available as a custom training event for your department. Contact LPD for more details.

Offered by Learning & Professional Development