Finance for the Non-Finance Manager

If you are a manager, chances are that you need to understand finances at some level. After all, you are probably responsible for a budget and for making financial decisions. Come to this session and leave with a deeper understanding of the finance concepts and responsibilities that come with being a manager.

You will learn to:

  • Identify and use important components of financial reports in your decision making process
  • Apply break-even calculations to make your planning process more focused
  • Analyze financial numbers to identify when you need other sources of information
  • Use a cost-benefit approach to improve your ability to make important decisions

You will benefit by:

  • Gaining a better understanding of basic financial concepts and reporting
  • Having enhanced financial analysis capabilities
  • Knowing when and how to seek other financial analysis options
  • Understanding what ratios, expense analysis and inventory valuations are


Managers who possess little or no financial expertise and need to understand finances as a part of their role

Curriculum Area

  • Self-Development


Code: SFD1902

Presenter: Kandi Little, Vicky Dziubinski

Cost: $179