Employee Coaching That Works

Performance coaching is an extremely valuable tool to develop and retain talented employees. The secret to good coaching is first understanding performance issues and then applying positive methods to obtain results. This session will help you learn and practice skills for positive employee coaching.

You will learn to:

  • Apply the 5 “absolutes” to successfully coach employees
  • Demonstrate the 7 steps for turning around poor performance to resolve performance issues
  • Use a proven method to appropriately assign tasks to employees
  • Identify and successfully address various types of employee harassment
  • Demonstrate effective techniques for giving feedback to employees
  • Evaluate and use the right approach to deal effectively with angry or hostile employees

You will benefit by:

  • Recognizing the importance of documenting employee behavior
  • Understanding how various personality styles affect relationships between employees and supervisors
  • Knowing the proper ways to approach employee discipline in a bargained-for and non bargained-for environment
  • Becoming a more successful performance coach and motivator


Supervisors or managers responsible for the performance management practices within their unit

Curriculum Area

  • Performance Management


Code: PMC1903

Presenter: Beyond Interactive Training

Cost: $229