Embracing Change and Building Your Resilience

Every day, we increasingly work with greater uncertainty, ambiguity and change. The most successful people deal with these elements by building their resilience to make the most of these experiences. This course will provide you with a better understanding and methods to grow your resilience while decreasing the negative impacts that accompany change.

You will learn to:

  • Identify the various stages people go through when dealing with change
  • Determine your current level of resilience to change and find ways to be more flexible and adaptable
  • Leverage different tools to best deal with change
  • Assess your work environment and develop ways to be more prepared for upcoming changes
  • Use the best ways to manage change with resourcefulness

You will benefit by:

  • Increased understanding of your own resilience
  • Better understanding and ability to positively respond to the uncertainty and ambiguity that change brings
  • Understanding where to put your focus and energy when dealing with change
  • Leaving with an action plan that outlines your steps to effectively plan for upcoming changes


Anyone who wishes they could deal with change differently and more proactively

Curriculum Area

  • Leadership Development
  • Self-Development


Code: LDC1921

Presenter: Robin Sober

Cost: $185