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Our quarterly sessions include networking, learning and skill development. The January 2020 session will focus on purpose and how it can drive individual and organizational performance.

Purposeful: A Daily Dose of Purpose 

To keep a workforce engaged and thriving, forward-leaning organizations harmonize their people and wellbeing strategies around a central missing piece: Purpose. This session aims to help people thrive by teaching them how to develop their own purpose “muscle.”

According to over 100 scientific studies, a strong sense of purpose is associated with the following outcomes for individuals:

  • Better sleep 
  • Less stress and burnout
  • Stronger relationships
  • Greater resilience and openness to change
  • Lower risk of heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Increased likelihood of sustained positive behavior change

Organizations that make room for their people to develop and express individual purpose create a thriving workforce with stronger engagement and lower turnover.

The University of Michigan’s own Dr. Vic Strecher—author of Life on Purpose: How Living for What Matters Most Changes Everything, and founder of Kumanu (formerly JOOL Health)—will share important research and personal stories about the importance of having purpose as an individual, and as an organization.

Program Notes:

Participants will get a preview of Kumanu’s new PurposeCloud platform, including a unique app called “Purposeful” that helps individuals amplify intrinsic motivation and purpose alignment. It includes a rich library of actions, supported by machine learning, to help people activate their best self on a daily basis.

Course Note:

Pre-registration with a shortcode is required as there is a $50 cancellation fee that takes effect two weeks prior to the course. If you attend the course, your department will not be charged.

Dr. Vic Strecher

Vic Strecher PhD, MPH is a professor at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health and director for innovation and social entrepreneurship. For over two decades, Vic Strecher has been a leader and visionary in the fields of health and well-being, creating new solutions that operate at the intersection of the science of behavior change and advanced technology.

A noted researcher and successful entrepreneur, Vic has cultivated a passion for connecting academic research to practical applications. In 1998, Vic created Health Media pioneering Web-based “digital health coaching.” The company set a new benchmark for scalable, lifestyle and condition management program delivery. Health Media was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 2008.

In late 2014, Vic founded  Kumanu (formerly JOOL Health) as a major paradigm shift in how individuals engage in the pursuit of well-being while offering organizations a more insightful means to support positive, healthy change. Vic and his work have recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, WIRED, the Chicago Tribute and at TEDMED and TEDX events. He lives in Ann Arbor with his wife Jeri.

Topic Area

  • Conferences and Special Events

Domain and Expectation

  • Self
    • Adapt
    • Act with courage and confidence
  • Execution
    • Achieve results


  • Member of a Team
  • Leading a Team
  • Leading Multiple Teams
  • Leading the Organization



Presenter: Varied

Cost: $0