Driving Value Through Process Improvement (Custom Only)

Refining and improving your business processes can allow you to save much needed time in your work cycles so you can allocate it elsewhere.

You will learn to:

  • Recognize the major characteristics of great and poor processes
  • Identify one or more key processes in your work area that would benefit from process improvement
  • Apply practical tools that will assist in identifying improvement gaps
  • Determine the appropriate individuals who should be involved in a business process
  • Identify barriers to process changes and methods to overcome them
  • Determine the impact of your actions through proven measurement techniques
  • Develop an implementation strategy for your redesigned processes

You will benefit by:

  • Eliminating unnecessary steps or complexities in your processes
  • Decreasing resource waste
  • Increasing the efficiency of your team
  • Gaining time and productivity across your unit


Managers seeking to increase the productivity of their team by improving their business processes

Curriculum Area

  • Process and Organizational Management


Code: POMD11

Presenter: Varied

This course is available as a custom training event for your department. Contact LPD for more details.