Developing Personal Leadership: Mastering the Art of Empowerment

Your leadership style is characterized by the way you interact with your colleagues, supervisors, family and friends. Come to this session to acquire tools and strategies that will strengthen your leadership skills and further define your style.

You will learn to:

  • Assess your personal leadership style quickly, accurately and privately
  • Determine which areas of your style need refinement
  • Assess candidly the influence your personality has on others
  • Recognize ways to lead through “empowerment” not power

You will benefit by:

  • Gaining respect and appreciation from those with whom you interact
  • Experiencing a sense of personal growth


Anyone who wants to strengthen their leadership style and skills

Program Note:

This is an introductory leadership course and is not intended for seasoned leaders.

Curriculum Area

  • Leadership Development
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Code: LDC1910

Presenter: Jacqueline Doneghy

Cost: $185

Code: LDC1926

Presenter: Jacqueline Doneghy

Cost: $185