Developing Exceptional Customer Service Skills

Come to obtain hands-on experience with important concepts and skills for delivering exceptional customer service in your unit or department.

You will learn to:

  • Define what a “service opportunity” is and if it is important
  • Demonstrate ways to determine customers’ needs early during the interaction
  • Practice proper courtesy and etiquette when serving customers
  • List the “five ugly things you should never say to a customer”
  • Identify behaviors for becoming proactive when delivering customer service
  • Manage a customer service interaction using the “seven steps for superior service”

You will benefit by:

  • Better defining your customers’ needs, including the “expected and unexpected”
  • Enhancing your communication skills to better serve customers
  • More effectively serving customers in person and on the telephone
  • Appreciate how your service work is valuable to the department and the University


Anyone whose main responsibility is to deliver front line customer service or who would like a refresher

Curriculum Area

  • Customer Service


Code: CSC1901

Presenter: Beyond Interactive Training

Cost: $179

Code: CSC1902

Presenter: Beyond Interactive Training

Cost: $179