Delegating: Leading vs. Managing vs. Doing

As an organization grows, effective managers and leaders need to increasingly rely on the competencies and capabilities of others to complete work. You will leave this course with the skills to become a successful delegator.

You will learn to:

  • Identify the shift in responsibilities needed for developing leadership and managerial skills
  • Apply the three phases of transition to move from expert to successful manager and leader
  • Leverage team resources through the delegation process
  • Determine the important communication skills needed for delegation
  • Use engagement strategies in follow-up and feedback to increase the success of delegation

You will benefit by:

  • Knowing how to identify which tasks to delegate
  • Transitioning from doing to getting work done through others
  • Improving your organization’s overall productivity


Managers or future managers who would like to better delegate tasks to others

Curriculum Area

  • Leadership Development
  • Performance Management


Code: LDC1918

Presenter: GMark, Inc

Cost: $249