Conflict Management Skills to Increase Assertiveness

There is no denying that women and men handle conflict differently. Understanding the root causes of conflict and knowing how to cope with the anger and emotions are key elements to managing conflict. Learn powerful conflict management strategies that will allow you to handle difficult situations with poise and confidence.

You will learn to:

  • Practice techniques that prevent resentment and unresolved anger from damaging an important relationship
  • Adopt practices to stop people from taking advantage of you
  • Apply strategies to banish anger and frustration when dealing with difficult people
  • Utilize tools that will enable you to be more assertive on important issues

You will benefit by:

  • Building your confidence when setting limits and boundaries with others
  • Becoming more comfortable expressing yourself without accusation, sarcasm, or hostility
  • Increasing your ability to diffuse confrontation so that constructive resolutions are achieved


Anyone who wants to turn conflict into resolution

Curriculum Area

  • Conflict Management and Negotiation


Code: CMN1903

Presenter: Jacqueline Doneghy

Cost: $189