Change Anything Training™

According to the Lake Wobegon at Work Study, 97% of employees can identify at least one career-limiting habit that they need to change. Yet most fall into the willpower trap and don’t have a proven method to create the change. Change Anything Training teaches a breakthrough methodology for solving any individual behavior challenge.

You will learn to:

  • Apply a systematic process for changing your behaviors to experience higher levels of success
  • Conduct a skill scan so you can identify the skills you need in order to adopt new habits
  • Identify the Six Sources of Influence and how they can be used to drive behavior, motivation and ability
  • Recognize the personal, social and environmental forces of influence working against you—and turn them in your favor

You will benefit by:

  • Uncovering potential career-limiting habits
  • Developing a personal motivation statement
  • Recognizing the cost of bad habits and the rewards of good habits
  • Becoming more engaged, productive and more likely to solve complex problems


Any individual struggling to change a career-limiting habit or looking to improve performance, regardless of power or position

Curriculum Area

  • Self-Development
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Code: SFD1814

Presenter: Patrice Hatcher

Cost: $499

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Offered by Learning & Professional Development