Business Process Mapping

In order to successfully improve work processes, you first need to understand them. Visually representing work processes with something called a “process map” can make it much easier to follow complex flows. 

You will learn to:

  • Apply the six-step Process Mapping Methodology to visually map out processes, identify waste, and analyze gaps and formulate action plans
  • Identify who should be involved in process mapping to ensure success
  • Employ the tools and best practices needed to launch a successful process mapping initiative

You will benefit by:

  • Knowing how to take the first steps toward improving your internal processes
  • Learning the tools and methodologies that are critical to successfully mapping processes in your organization
  • Having a better understanding of how things work within your organization


Anyone wishing to improve the efficiency of their organization’s business processes

Curriculum Area

  • Process and Organizational Management


Code: POM1902

Presenter: Zachary Fairchild

Cost: $399

Offered by Learning & Professional Development