Best Practice in Performance Management: Goal Setting Workshop

This interactive workshop will give you the opportunity to plan ahead by considering what success will look like for you in the coming year. You will leave with a draft of specific measurable goals and tips for having a discussion and reaching agreement with staff and/or your leader. The Michigan Medicine performance management cycle will be reviewed as part of the session. 

You will learn to: 

  • Identify the elements of SMART goals
  • Understand the importance of SMART goals
  • Compose SMART goals to include in performance evaluations
  • Discuss techniques for goal alignment

You will benefit by:

  • Drafting SMART goals that could be utilized on your performance evaluation 
  • Obtaining resources for assisting with goal formation
  • Receiving coaching on SMART goal creation


Anyone interested in learning how to set and write measurable goals or those interested in assisting others to do the same

Course Note:

Pre-registration with a shortcode is required as there is a $50 cancellation fee that takes effect two weeks prior to the course. If you attend the course, your department will not be charged.

Topic Area

  • Leading People and Teams
  • Self Development

Domain and Expectation

  • Mission
    • Create a shared vision
  • People
    • Coach and develop others
  • Execution
    • Achieve results


  • Member of a Team
  • Leading a Team
  • Leading Multiple Teams


Code: MMHR_BPPM13000-2

Presenter: Andrew Marsh

Cost: $0

Code: MMHR_BPPM13000-3

Presenter: Andrew Marsh, Rachel Weirtella

Cost: $0