The Art of Managing Multiple Projects & Multitasking

Learn the fundamentals of organizing projects from initiation to completion while balancing the demands of time, scope and tasks of ongoing responsibilities.

You will learn to:

  • Organize a complex project into measurable units of activity
  • Establish top priorities for each responsibility or project
  • Utilize a variety of multitasking strategies to increase your productivity
  • Identify shortcuts to complete projects more efficiently
  • Use techniques to achieve realistic schedules for keeping track of multiple projects
  • Determine ways to motivate others to assist you in accomplishing projects
  • Describe the goals and schedule of a project so others involved will meet deadlines

You will benefit by:

  • Managing “loose ends” more successfully
  • Feeling less chaotic and “in control” of workloads
  • Becoming less stressed and overwhelmed by work demands
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment following the completion of complex projects


Anyone whose job includes managing multiple priorities and balancing responsibilities

Curriculum Area

  • Project and Task Management


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Presenter: Jacqueline Doneghy

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Presenter: Jacqueline Doneghy

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Presenter: Jacqueline Doneghy

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