Information for Current Temps

07/30/2021: U-M Community Self-Report Vaccination Update

Are temps required to be vaccinated against COVID-19?
On July 30 a new University-wide policy was announced requiring that all employees including temps be vaccinated against COVID-19 or request a medical or religious exemption. Individuals must have completed, or received at least the initial dose of the COVID-19 vaccination and submit proof of vaccination information to U-M or request an exemption no later than August 30, 2021 via the links below. 
What if I can’t make it to an assignment?
If you will be absent from or late for work, please inform your supervisor as soon as possible. If you cannot reach anyone in the department, call TSS immediately. This will help maintain a productive working relationship with the department and Temporary Staffing Services.
What kind of work performance is expected of me while working as a temporary employee?
Satisfactory work performance and a positive attitude toward the job are basic requirements for retaining any assignment. In this regard, you are dependent upon the judgment of your departmental supervisor. As a temporary employee, you are expected to abide by all work rules in your assigned department including, but not limited to, attendance, dress code, and appropriate work behavior.
Where do I find out about University policies and procedures?
Temporary employees at the University are also required to abide by and follow the University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide (SPG) in addition to department procedures and policies. The University’s Standard Practice Guide is available online to provide all employees with convenient access to the operating policies and practices of the various departments, facilities and services.
Internal procedures within an office or department are generally not included in the SPG so you would need to check with the individual department you are currently working for to find out about department policies or procedures.
How do I get paid?
Temporary employees at the University are paid biweekly (every two weeks). Your paycheck will be mailed to your home address but, for a more convenient option, choose direct deposit.
How do I activate my direct deposit?
  • Go to the Wolverine Access Gateway web site
  • Under the “Faculty and Staff” heading, click “Employee Business”
  • Enter your uniqname and Kerberos password
  • Click “Direct Deposit”
  • Click on the “Add Account” button and enter your account information as required. (If you need further assistance or have specific questions about the direct deposit process please contact the Shared Services Center at 615-2000 (option 2)
  • Don’t forget to completely log off the system when you are finished!
In addition to activating your direct deposit, by logging into the “Employee Business” section of Wolverine Access you can also:
  • Make changes to your direct deposit
  • Update/change your Michigan and Federal W4
  • Print and view your current and past pay stubs
  • View your temporary appointment information
  • And update your contact information (please don’t forget to let Temporary Staffing Services also know about any changes to your address or phone numbers).
Temporary staff without regular U-M access to a computer can use any public computing site (e.g., public library) or home site with web service to log onto the Wolverine Access web site. There is also a public terminal available at the Wolverine Tower Payroll Office.
How do I track my hours?
For most units, you will submit your time electronically via Wolverine Access to your supervisor, who then submits it to Payroll. Some departments may have you fill out a paper time report. Other departments may have you clock in and out on their time clock. Each department can be a little different, so make sure you speak with your immediate supervisor to ensure you properly follow the department’s payroll procedures.
Am I eligible for benefits as Temporary Employee?
Temporary employees are eligible for business travel accident insurance.
Non-exempt (hourly) temporary employees may contribute to a 403(b) Supplemental Retirement Account (SRA) with TIAA or Fidelity, or both, at any time. You contribute a fixed dollar amount with each paycheck; there is no university matching contribution.  Contributions and earnings are tax-deferred, meaning you do not pay state or federal taxes until you take a distribution from the account.
Under certain circumstances, temporary employees who work 30 or more hours per week on average may be eligible for medical benefits and prescription drug coverage. Learn more about expanded eligibility for medical benefits under the Affordable Care Act.
As of March 29, 2019, certain temporary employees will also be eligible for up to 40 hours of paid sick time per year under Michigan’s Paid Medical Leave Act. To be eligible for this benefit, you must have worked an average of at least 25 hours per week for the university during the previous calendar year. If eligible, you will receive a bank of up to 40 hours of paid sick time each January 1 or a pro-rated amount on your date of hire if your qualifying appointment starts later in the year.
Where can I park my car?
Temporary employees may use the “Orange” and some “Yellow” University parking lots around campus by purchasing a commuter parking hangtag from U-M Logistics,Transportation and Parking. You must have an electronic Parking Request Form submitted on your behalf to LTP from either our office or your supervisor before you may purchase a permit. 
In certain instances, you may want to use the free Park & Ride lots. These lots are available at Pioneer High School, on State Street across from the Howard Cooper automobile dealership, and at Maple Village and Green Road on North Campus. The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority provides free rides between these lots and campus to those showing a valid U-M ID card.
Please contact U-M Logistics,Transportation and Parking for additional information.
What happens when a job ends?
If you have been employed as a temporary employee through Temporary Staffing Services it is important that you contact our office at the end of each assignment. Please email Temporary Staffing Services and provide the following information: (1) The date that the assignment ended, (2) the next date that you are available to work, (3) any new skills that you have acquired, (4) and the hours that you are available. Please also send us an updated resume. Please Note: It is not necessary to call on a daily basis to indicate your availability.
Any other questions?
Please contact Temporary Staffing Services| Contact form. We’re glad to speak with you about any concern. Call (734) 763-5740 during business hours (8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday) or leave a message on voice mail, and a staff member will return your call.