Hire a Temp

"This service was extremely efficient and useful in a time of transition for our department when we required extra support. I will definitely be turning to them again, if needed." - Campus Academic Program Director

If you need temporary staff, you can easily make a request using this online form. But why hire temps from Temporary Staffing Services? Two reasons – quality and value.


Temporary Staffing Services screens, interviews and tests all potential temporary employees to help us place the person with the right skill level to meet your needs. And with over 30 different skill tests, we can customize a testing process to identify the right person for almost any job. So you get a person who can do the job – and do it right.


We are part of the university and exist to serve it. We are not out to make profits or meet monthly placement goals. With tight budgets and everyone doing more with less; utilizing the staffing experts at Temporary Staffing Services for all or part of your temporary hiring process is an economical and efficient way to meet your staffing needs.

What services does Temp Staffing offer?

Temporary Staffing Services knows that departments are faced with ever increasing work loads and budget constraints and now offers a variety of services to help you get your positions filled and hires completed, both temporary and regular, efficiently and effectively.

Many of our services are listed below, but we are happy to work with departments who may have a need for customized services to meet their staffing needs. Please contact our office or call (734) 763-5740 to request a service or learn more information.

Traditional Temporary Employee Hire

You contact us with your temporary need, we find candidates and send you suitable resumes to review from which you select your temporary employee from, then we handle the whole eRecruit hiring process including criminal records checks, changes and termination of the appointment and on-boarding. You can even request a temporary employee online.

Candidate Computer Testing**

We can computer test your temporary or regular candidates and send you the results to use as an additional screening tool for your candidates. Request a test online, or call (734) 763-5740. ** Please note, we are currently unable to offer candidate testing due to COVID 19 restrictions and our current remote work status. 

eRecruit Posting Pool Screening

When you post your temporary or regular position to eRecruit, we can screen the applicant pool and present you with the top candidate resumes for you to review/interview.

You manage the eRecruit posting and complete the hire and are responsible for background/reference checking, I-9s, change/termination paperwork, etc. eRecruit Candidate

Candidate Screening

We will interview and reference check your temporary or regular candidates.

What does a temporary employee cost?

It depends on which service you request, but in general, Temporary Staffing Service (TSS) costs significantly less than outside vendors for full service temporary placements.

In addition to the hourly pay rate and FICA tax charged by Payroll*, your cost for a placement from TSS will include a 14% administrative mark-up fee on the temp employee’s hourly earnings. We only bill you for the time the temporary employee works.

Our administrative fee is billed one month in arrears to your short code via service unit billing. The TSS rate covers the cost of candidate recruiting/screening, pre-employment due diligence/required background checks, hiring process administration/onboarding (such as I9 completion, parking, level 1 password/uniqname/basic email set up, etc.), and related HR follow up and support as needed.

*Please note that temporary employees who work 30 or more hours per week on average may be eligible for medical coverage, with a university contribution to benefits paid by the employing unit or units. Review guidelines for administrators related to this expansion of coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Temporary employees may also be eligible for unemployment compensation.

What if I want to hire your temp as a regular employee?

Wonderful. And we won’t ask for a placement fee. Try getting that deal with an outside vendor!

What if I want to hire your temp as a temporary employee?

By agreeing to receive temp candidates for review from our pool for your opening you agree to hire our temporary candidate(s) through our office. This also includes bringing the temporary employee back after an absence or transferring the temp to another supervisor or area in your department/unit. Our goal isn't to restrict hiring by departments, or opportunities for temps, or to make a profit, but simply to cover the expenses for recruiting, screening, etc. of our temp pool as we are a 100% self-funded unit.

Please contact our office or call (734) 763-5740 to hire, rehire, or transfer one of our temporary employees. 

What campuses do you serve?

TSS provides service primarily to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Health System campuses. We can also assist with placements at the Flint campus and off-campus university areas as well.

What types of positions can you fill?

Almost any. For the most part, we place temporary employees in Office/Clerical, Professional/Administrative and Service/Maintenance positions. Plus we also have resources to fill Technical positions.

What if you can’t find me someone?

If there is a person with the right skills in the area, we’ll find them for you. Even if we don’t have a person that is right for you, we can refer you to other sources for additional assistance.