Assessing the Diversity of Your Candidate Pool

To create a diverse applicant pool, hiring managers must communicate their jobs openings in the right markets. The degree of diversity reflected in the applicant pools is highly dependent on what sourcing strategies are utilized. A review of the current process (how do we anticipate an opening?) and assessment (does it work?) will determine if an alternate strategy is needed. Anticipatory posting is necessary to create the desired diverse pool of candidates. A review of your department’s prior recruitment strategies is also advised.

Since costs can vary widely and are dependent on the department's chosen strategy and current needs, consultation with your designated HR representative and/or the Staff Diversity Recruitment Coordinator can help you to create and assess the diversity of your applicant pool.

U-M Human Resources Offices

  • University of Michigan Health System Human Resources, Phone (734) 647-5538
  • U-M Dearborn Human Resources, Phone (313) 593-5190
  • U-M Flint Human Resources, Phone: (810) 762-3150
  • Temporary Staffing Services

Youth Mentoring Program (Health System only)

The UMHS Youth Mentoring Program, in partnership with the Ann Arbor Public Schools is an initiative between our UMHHC and the community to help students achieve academic success, graduate from high school and be prepared for employment or post-secondary education. For more information, call 936-8710.

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