2015 Human Capital Report

The 2015 Human Capital Report provides critical data for human resource decision making. A significant part of the university budget is committed to our workforce to fund compensation and benefits, making human resource data critical to our stewardship and to building our investment. Using human resource data to understand changing demographic trends allows us to consider proactive plans that respond to challenges and help sustain our leadership position as one of the nation’s greatest public research universities.​

For more information about how the University of Michigan Human Capital Report data and the consulting expertise of our Human Resource Information Systems staff can help support workforce planning, recruitment/retention and succession planning in your school, college or unit, please contact tpalmer@umich.edu.

Section 1: Employee Profile

1.1 Employee Profile by Career Family

1.2 Employee Profile by Executive Office    

Section 2: Employee Trends

2.1 Headcount Trends by Career Group

2.2 Demographic Trends

2.3 Generational Trends

Section 3: Staff Recruitment Profile

3.1 Staff Jobs Filled by Career Family

3.2 Demographic Profile of Staff Jobs Filled    

Section 4: Retirement Outlook

4.1 Retirement Outlook by Career Family

4.2 Retirement Outlook by Demographic

4.3 Regular Instructional Faculty Retirement Outlook