HRRIS Data Management Calendar

The HRRIS Data Management calendar is a combination of the calendars listed below with dates that could possibly affect unit transaction processing schedules:

  • Payroll cutoff dates:
    • Payday
    • Paysheet creation
    • PAR Final approval (last day of data entry before payroll runs)
    • NO Data Entry (Pay Calc)
  • HRRIS processing dates:
    • Batchload (i.e., Stop Pay Rows, Wellness Payments, etc.) (does not include ad hoc batch loads)
    • Regents Meeting
    • Temporary Purge
    • Mass Purge
  • Worksheet Processes: Mass job data changes via batchloads (does not include ad hoc batchloads)
  • Bargained For: Bargaining Unit Additional Pay and Rate Increase Schedules (per contracts)

You can search the calendar using keyword(s) displayed above in bold.

For assistance viewing this calendar, go to How-to Guide: HRRIS Data Management Calendar.

View the HRRIS Data Management Calendar in Google Calendar

NOTE: If you are experiencing problems loading and/or viewing the HRRIS Data Management Calendar using Internet Explorer or another browser, you should see a Google icon in the lower, right-hand corner of the window. Click on the Google icon and it will launch a login screen. Login with your username (your and your Kerberos password. The calendar should then load and allow the option to add this calendar. This calendar can be viewed by Week, Month or Agenda.