I-9 Compliance Training Tutorial

Greetings! Welcome to the online Form I-9 compliance training tutorial. This program is intended for U-M staff whose job responsibilities include the completion of the Form I-9 for employees hired after November 1986. This tutorial is not designed or intended for public use. While we believe that the information and guidance provided herein is accurate (as of the last revision), government regulations take precedence if there is any discrepancy with the information or guidance provided herein.

This program is intended to:

  • Help you learn how to process I-9s better;
  • Raise your comfort level in working with the documents and policies involved;
  • Enable departments to ensure that employees are authorized to work and are compliant with I-9 standards; and
  • Serve as a quick and easy job aid and reference whenever needed

As a result of using this program, you should be able to:

  • Identify the employer’s and employee’s responsibility in accurately completing I-9s;
  • Describe the checklist steps for accurately completing a Form I-9;
  • Recognize the UM’s policies and procedures relating to expired I-9s;
  • Describe the UM’s I-9 re-verification process to track employee’s whose I-9s are expired or about to be;
  • Identify the penalties associated when a Form I-9 isn’t in compliance; and
  • Use the resources provided in the program for reference in working with I-9s

DO NOT FAX but send the completed Form I-9 for processing to:

Wolverine Tower
3003 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1276

Attention: Please take the Pre-test and Post-test to see where you need to spend additional time during the tutorial.

Note: The examples in this tutorial use an I-9 form that is no longer current. The examples remain useful for review of documentation necessary to complete an I-9. 

For additional I-9 training resources, please go to I-9 Central with USCIS.