Working in Michigan From an Off-site Location

Roles and Responsibilities

Employees who will work remotely are responsible for:

  • Working with unit staff to ensure compliance with applicable laws, policies and procedures.
  • Making any necessary adjustments for their personal income taxes and benefits.

Unit staff are responsible for working with the Office of General Counsel and Business and Finance Departments to ensure compliance.

Call the Shared Services Center Contact Center at (734) 615-2000 or send an email to with specific questions.

For “non-United States workers,” e.g., employees in H-1B, TN, E-3 or J-1 status, call the International Center at (734)-764-9310 to discuss immigration compliance.

I-9 Compliance

Federal law requires an I-9 for each person employed in the United States.

Telecommuting Agreement

A telecommuting agreement helps to ensure a safe work environment, compliance with applicable university policies and procedures, agreed upon standard work hours, communication methods, and work expectations.

When there is a departmental-approved work schedule that includes working at a non-University site on a consistent, regularly scheduled basis (e.g., one or more days per week), an employee is considered to be telecommuting.  Ensure a telecommuting agreement is in place for telecommuting employees. Departments should review these agreements annually at a minimum and renew as appropriate.

Safe Computing

As a member of the U-M community, you share in the responsibility for ensuring U-M complies with data protection and privacy laws, regulations, and industry standards, as well as U-M policies and standards that require security safeguards around sensitive institutional data.

Protect yourself and protect the university when using both university-provided and personal devices

Travel and/or Moving Expenses

Whenever staff members request to but are not required to work from a non-University site, travel and/or moving expense reimbursement is at the discretion of the department and staff should expect the reimbursement to be subject to personal income tax.

Whenever staff members are required to establish a temporary residence at a remote work location for extended periods of time, they may be eligible for remote location compensation and/or reimbursement for transportation costs incurred.

Worker's Compensation and Liability

Consult Risk Management regarding coverage for potential losses or liability.

See the terms in the telecommuting agreement regarding provisions for a safe work environment and reporting requirements.

  • If there is a work-related injury, fill out an injury report form.
  • Risk Management will contact an insurance company in the state to manage the case.
  • Risk Management will determine if workers compensation regulations applied should be based on employment in Michigan or outside of Michigan.
  • If the contract for hire is in Michigan, but the work assignment is to go to work somewhere else temporarily (i.e., 6 months in another country), then workers' comp works the same as if you were working in Michigan.
  • If the contract for hire or place of permanent residence is out of state, commercial insurance will be used.

University Standard Practice Guide Applicability

The Standard Practice Guide is a compendium of the university's general operating policies and procedures. The policies that are contained in the SPG are approved by university leadership and typically apply to the entire institution.

Home Office Tax Deduction

See IRS Publication 587 Business Use of Your Home